Finding Our Talk: A Journey into Indigenous Languages - Season Three


Length: 13 episodes x 30 min. (documentary series)
Release: 2009
Language Versions: English, French and Mohawk
Series directors: Tracey Deer, Paul Rickard, Jeff Dorn, Josephine Bacon, Paul Chaput, Michelle Smith, Jeff Barnaby, Felix Atencio Gonzales and Reaghan Tarbell
Program Locations: Quebec, Vermont, B.C., Australia, Louisiana, Guatemala, Bolivia, Norway, Hawaii, New Zealand, New York, Saskatchewan and Ontario
Languages represented in season three: Anishnabe, Mi'gmaq, Cree, Abenaki, Ktunaxa, Chitimacha, Sami, Hawaiian, Maori, Aymara, Guymbaynggirr, Arrernte, Kaqchikel, Poqomam, Quiche and Q’anjob’al
Narration: Pakesso Mukash (English), Monia Routhier (French) and Hilda Nicholas (Mohawk)

Every fourteen days a language dies. By the year 2100 more than half of the world's languages will disappear. These are tough statistics, but it doesn't have to be that way. Indigenous people everywhere are fighting to beat the odds. It's a remarkable story. We’re discovering and sharing their successes by focusing on and celebrating the many individuals, communities and organizations that are reclaiming their language, and along with it, their culture, their stories and often, their very existence as a people.

The third season of Finding Our Talk looks at innovative programs with an international perspective that includes episodes shot in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Latin and South America.

Finding Our Talk 3 is produced by Mushkeg Media Inc. in association with APTN, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. We are also working in conjunction with Maori TV for a Maori version of the series. Mushkeg Media is an aboriginal owned production company with a solid track record that provides comprehensive mentorship and training to Aboriginal filmmakers as part of the production process.


"The Native Film Night at the George Wright Society conference was a moving event. Thank you for producing the Finding Our Talk series, and for allowing me to show excerpts from the Chitimacha episode. It was well-received, and sparked interest for some people who didn't know about the Rosetta Stone program." - Sharon Franklet, George Wright Society

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Finding our Talk III is produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, SODEC, the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles-Québec, the Rogers Cable Network Fund, Quebec and Canadian Film/Video Tax Credits, the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Starchoice Communications Inc., and in association with APTN and Maori Television.


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