Finding Our Talk - Season Two

finding our talk

Length: 13 episodes x 30 min. (documentary series)
Release: 2002
Language versions: Cree, Mohawk, English and French
Program Locations: Quebec, Yukon, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, NWT, Saskatchewan and B.C.
Languages represented: Blackfoot, Mi'gmaq, Cree, Gwitchin, Naskapi, Ojibway, Shuswap, Secwepemc, Dene-Zaa, Dakota, Oneida, Mohawk
Host/Narration: Paul Chaput (English, French), Arnold Cheechoo (Cree) and Hilda Nicholas (Mohawk)
Aboriginal Directors: Paul Rickard, Paul Chaput, Nick Huard, Felix Atencio Gonzales, Josephine Bacon, Reaghan Tarbell
Non-Aboriginal Directors: Erica Pomerance

Finding Our Talk Two examines the state of Aboriginal languages within Canada and celebrates the many individuals, communities and organizations that are reclaiming their language, culture, stories and often, their very existence as a people.

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